Inf's Lair

By Paul Yang


Yeah, yeah, eventually I decide to use a free hosting system instead of the old one (which is deployed in a virtual machine of Alibaba Cloud).

The main reason for this is nothing about the costs, but I do not want to maintain such a BIG system just for a personal weblog.

OK, and now I hug into Github Pages and Jekyll, and I copy this site from Andrew Carter’s Coding in the Rain, who is an experienced software engineer. What an awesome blog style, I like it!

Later I will port my old articles here (although I don’t have many).

Well, let’s test some Chinese characters:


终于我决定使用一个免费的主机托管系统,然后放弃掉原来在阿里云上的那个虚拟机。主要不是因为开销问题,而是不希望为了个人博客而维护一个重量级的系统。我现在投入了Github PagesJekyll的怀抱,我从Andrew Carter那里抄了一个博客的模板过来,Andrew是一个非常资深的软件工程师。blog的风格很牛逼!后续我会将原paulyang.cn上的内容迁移过来。