Inf's Lair

By Paul Yang

The Untold Story - Anecdotes from the OpenSSL China tour

Table of Contents

  1. Why this article is here?
  2. The Pick-up Adventure
  3. Do you have WeChat, Dude?
  4. What’s Your Feeling back in Alibaba
  5. The “Twins”
  6. Liger or Tigon?
  7. Damn, the Boarding Pass is Lost
  8. Did We Fuck up the OpenSource Event?
  9. Worm Dinner
  10. Drunk as a Lord
  11. The Final “Haul Ass”

Why this article is here?

As most people have already known that OpenSSL has been in China for several days in September, from 17th to 25th specifically. The stories describing the very formal activities we had experienced during those days, have been reported by some media articles after the tour, thus many people knew what we have done in China, in particular the business part. But from my perspective, there were also things which were not disclosed yet, but should be told. I consider them as ‘anecdotes’: something made this China tour much more vivid and enjoyable. And this is why I decided to write these words. I would like to record the moments and memories we had together back in those nine days in China.

Before I tell you the amazing and funny stories, I will thank again the following BaishanCloud staffs who put huge efforts into this tour (In order of appearance in the stories): Jane, Sean, Jedo, Paul (me, absolutely), Shirley, Alan. And also the people didn’t show them up in the stories: Jenna, Amy, Mr. Wei An, our CTO Mr. Jian Tong and my boss Terence and Mel :-). Thank you all very much for supporting our ‘operation’. I also would like to thank the guys from OpenSSL for your patience for suffering a lot from our poor oral English ;-).

The Pick-up Adventure

The pick-up at the airport for the guys of OpenSSL was more scared than hurt. The original plan was: “Jane and Sean went to Shanghai Pudong airport to pick up Matt in the morning and then Jane accompanied with Matt back to the hotel while Sean stayed at the airport waiting for Steve, who would arrive at noon. Meanwhile, Jedo would go to Shanghai Hongqiao